Thought You Were Straight – Timmy Cole & Vincent Castle

These days even a lot of straight boys are open to some no-strings BoyFun when the opportunity arises. That’s certainly true of lean and fit young Vincent Castle. When his horny little pal Timmy Cole arrives to brag about his new job making porn, Vincent has a surprising reaction to the pics he gets to peek at.

He might be straight but it seems his long uncut cock is more than a little curious about the fun he could be having with his porn star pal.

Maybe young Timmy just needs some more practice for his next scene, or perhaps he’s just a greedy young guy who happily works any delicious cock he can find.

Whatever the reason, Vincent isn’t complaining when his friend frees his long and stiff dick from his shorts and gives him a friendly wank. Vincent is soon giving young Timmy a good sucking when he has the boy’s hooded penis out of his pants.


For a straight boy, he sure does seem to enjoy the taste of throbbing cock. Vincent’s heterosexual status is open to even more questioning when the two have had their taste of each other and Timmy’s super inviting hole is up for the fit young man to slide his naked length into.

The curious boy doesn’t hold back. Watch as he pumps little Timmy from behind, lays back to let his porn star buddy impale his raw pucker down on his big dong, finishing up with a good jabbing of Timmy’s hole with the boy on his back.

His full balls rock and bounce while he works that lovely fleshy hole with his meaty prong. Vincent helps his friend get that milky cream spurting from his dick in a great climax before heading up to shower the cutie with his warm cock juice, jerking his meat and spilling his seed to rain down over his sexy young friend, a treat the smooth bottom is more than happy to taste with some more sucking off that gooey pole.

Vincent might be interested in moonlighting if his friend can get him a job too.

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