WORSHIP ME Finale! Morgxn Thicke & Liam Hunt

Today marks the official premiere of the finale of WORSHIP ME, as well as the NakedSword Originals debuts of bodybuilder Morgxn Thicke and ravenous bottom Liam Hunt! Follow Liam as he worships and praises every inch of the Morgxn’s fur-covered muscles until he’s opening his mouth for the tasty load of the hung top. Now available only on NakedSword!

NakedSword Original: Worship Me Sc 4

Liam Hunt is eager to offer Morgxn Thicke his body while admiring every inch of the muscle stud’s fur-covered physique. Liam wraps his mouth around Morgxn’s curved cock as Morgxn glides his hands around Liam’s exposed flesh after going in on Morgxn’s hairy pits and kissing his big arms.

Morgxn starts tonguing and fingering Liam’s thankful hole till Liam is willing to take on his massive bareback meat. Liam rests his face on the dining room table, grateful for every thrust and yearning for more as Morgxn’s massive dick pounds his G-spot from behind.

Morgxn is back inside Liam’s hole as Liam jerks off at the sight of his hirsute top flexing his muscles. Liam opens his mouth as Morgxn pulls out of his hole to unload onto Liam’s tongue.

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