Yuri Oberon & Vitor Alves Fuck It Up For NakedSword X Rhyheim

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to bring you a new fuck from Brazil. This is courtesy of the men of NakedSword X Rhyheim. Vitor Alves makes his debut on “the Netflix of gay porn” as he goes ass-to-mouth, and bottoms for hung hunk Yuri Oberon. Discover more in the latest scene from executive producers Tim Valenti and Rhyheim Shabazz. You can watch the complete bareback session right now on NakedSword.com!

Yuri Oberon makes his way up the bed to serve his friend’s hole. Vitor Alves on the hand, his ass is fully exposed and ready to be rimmed. The oral action continues as Yuri lies across the mattress to 69. Vitor is sucking him off and Yuri returns his tongue to Vitor’s juicy peach.

It doesn’t take long for Yuri’s thick cock to push deep into his buddy’s ass. He then delivers the hardcore dicking that Vitor had needed so badly. Only pausing to the intense fuck fest to have his meat move ass-to-mouth and give the bottom a taste of his own insides.

A couple more bareback positions around the bed end, with Vitor on his back and his broad legs spread open. Eventually, Yuri pulls out his massive dick to cover Vitor’s stretched-out slit in a puddle of nut before sliding back in for his final thrusts.

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