Zayne’s Hot Hookup – Axel Turner & Zayne Bright

Some of us are old enough to recall when hooking up meant passing glances in the public restroom or the neighborhood tavern. It’s now mostly migrated online these days. Young BoyFun hotties Axel Turner and Zayne Bright know how to take advantage of so many options.

Zayne Bright is on his way, and while in town, he meets a local boy looking for some fun. Axel is the type of twink that enjoys meeting new people and showing them around. He’s more than willing to go out to find Zayne’s temporary residence and get down and dirty in the bedroom.

They don’t have time to converse since their mouths are swiftly put to better use. Making out and sucking on each other’s tasty dongs. Their clothing falls off piece by piece, revealing their sleek and smooth bodies to each other as they kiss and slurp on proud erections. It’s evident that these two boys know a thing or two about giving amazing heads. But Axel, a local, has some additional abilities to impart.

He has Zayne’s hole moist and ready for his bareback boner to slip right in. Buggering his new temporary boyfriend on his back before giving him a wonderful ride on his length and a complete spooning. All that anal pumping has Axel pulling out to spread his gooey load over his bottom pal’s butt cheeks. Then, he swiftly slipped his meaty rod back inside to help young Zayne bust his own hot cock cream over his tight abs.

We believe they’ll run into each other again before this visitor leaves town.

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