Pickup Pleasure – Nico Vegas and Nils Larsen

When handsome Nico Vegas has a friend on the way, he’s not the type of horny young man to waste time before getting down to some hot BoyFun. After meeting stunning young Nils Larsen at the railway station, the two head straight back to Nico’s flat, where their afternoon of penis pleasure begins with a steamy make-out session.

It’s just a matter of moments until their eager hands are exploring each other and their clothing is falling off, with both smooth pals firmly hard and drooling in anticipation of the joys they’re going to enjoy.

Take a look as lucky boy Nils sucks and licks his pal’s proud prong, admiring his friend’s engorged length before his delightful tiny ass is open for licking. Nico laps and slurps, and soon the lad is ready for his raw cock to slide in for a good deep slamming.

Nico is nearing the conclusion, ready to spill his pent-up cum, but not before giving his visitor a wonderful ride on his throbbing erection and taking young Nils Larsen to a missionary thrusting that ultimately leads the bareback mates to cum soaring climax.

Semen shower Nils Larsen takes over his cute face is an impressive one to which you’d like to add your own cock juice.

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  1. 3 November 2023

    […] Also Check: Take a look as lucky boy Nils Larsen sucks and licks Nico Vegas’-“Pickup Pleasure”…. […]