Tony Sweet Spot – Jay Hammel and Tony Keit

We meet sleek and handsome BoyFun twinks Tony Keit and Jay Hammel in town, enjoying a cold treat in the summer weather, but these boys quickly crave something meaty. We can’t condemn their eating habits or suggest that dessert come after something more filling; we’d all gladly return to the bedroom to savor some stiff sausage with any of these twinks if we could.

The hot BoyFun twinks are groping for those yummy dongs in their pants moments after getting on the bed, freeing their sweaty dicks for a terrific session of wanking and sucking. They’re definitely starving, slurping and licking each other’s bulbous helmets, rubbing up their throbbing shafts, tasting the fluid flowing from their cum holes, despite their ice cream delights.

Jay focuses his attention on his buddy’s pucker and thumbs it, and that’s all his bottom boy requires. His ass quickly rises and begs for that naked length to slip in deep and raw.

Take a look at Tony as he enjoys the probing before taking a sideways ride on his friend’s magnificent erection, his ass pushing up and down on the warm length.

The last slamming with Tony on his back and his legs tight while pumping his own penis is a joy to witness. Their gushing fountains of twink cum will undoubtedly have you delivering your own creamy delivery.

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